One Plus 3 after 4 Months:-



Its been 4 months since One Plus’s new flagship killer entered the mobile world.Since then the One Plus 3 has being destroying Other flagships not just in bench mark numbers but in day-to-day activities as well.

3 months is the new year for smartpone manufacturing companies,so after 4 months is One Plus 3 still holding the No.1 spot and still giving a tough fight to the newer smartphones like Apple’s i-phone 7 and 7 plus,Samsung’s S7 series and the new Google Pixel phones.



When we compare the new flagships of Apple & Samsung to One Plus 3 on paper One Plus is able to hold its own in almost every department.Snapdragon 820 and 6GB of ram helps One Plus to properly manage heavy task thrown at it.Priced at almost half the flagship price One Plus is the clear winner on paper.

But when it comes in the real world Apple’s i-phone 7 and Samsung’s S7edge are way better in actual day-to day activities and performing heavy tasks.IMG_20161018_144307.jpg


I have been using the One Plus3 as my daily driver for the last 4 Months and this mean machine has not disappointed me in any way.


  • The main selling point of this device is its price point.Priced at around Rs27,999  a smartphone with such high specs is definitely a pick.
  • The screen is average with a 1080P resolution,compared to its competitors in this price segment is disappointing which give at least Quad HD screens ,nevertheless it  has good viewing angles and is protected with Gorilla Glass 4,due to the reduced screen quality the smartphones battery is able to last quite a while.
  • Speaker of the phone is comparatively loud than its competition.
  • One Plus3 has a 16MP rear and a 8MP front camera which are desent and can produce good images.
  • The Fingerprint scanner on the device is the best thing in the device the scanner is snappy and accurate,and according to tech reviewers One Plus3’s fingerprint scanner is the second best in the world after Apple’s touch ID.
  • The design of the smartphone is perfect- inspired from Apple & HTC it couldn’t get any better.
  • Customization is the key these days,with a whole bunch of customization  options like:- switching between on screen and off scree keys,dark mode,Silent switch,gestures etc.These features give the One Plus an edge over other devices available
  • One Plus 3 wins in the charging department as well with One Plus’s Dash charging technology you can charge your phone up to 60% in 30 minutes and a full 100% in 52 minutes.
  • The processing of the device is pretty smooth with Snapdragon 820,530 Gpu and 6GB of ram performs any number of tasks with a



One Plus in its latest flagship provides its users Flagship grade specs with a not so much flagship price.Day-to-day tasks are performed easily and the 3000MaH battery holds its own throughout the day.In my openion One Plus 3 is still a winnwe and you can still buy it if you want flagship specs and dont want to pay flagship price.One Plus 3 is a keeper.images-44


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