Must Have Apps in 2016:-

The year 2016 has seen some serious Technological improvements.from pocket drones to self driving cars like Tesla model X and others.Well the Apps department is not that far behind.Google’s Play store and Apple’s App store have some new add ons too.

So I have put together a list of 10 Apps you must have in your smartphone in 2016.

Swift Key-KeyBoard:- For the past year or two android smartphone users have been enjoying the cool new way of texting with swift key.It is an application that gives its users a large pool of keyboard skins to choose from,be it Red,White,Black or any colour you can think of.Not just colourful skins Swift-key enables it users to choose from a large number of emojis to help its users to express their selves even more.The key feature of swiftKey is its unique style of drawing and typing in this the user drags his/her figure through the screen in order to make sentences it is a much faster and more convenient way of interacting.


Kindle:- Another top 10 app of 2016 is Amazon’s Kindle E-Book Reader.This is an app for the people who love to read a lot.Kindle offers a large library of books to choose from with different jonours.The app is Free to download from both Apple and Google’s Play store’s but the books are paid.To increase your reading experience you can also buy the Amazon Kindle E-Book reader from Amazon for Rs14000.


Evernote:- Dont like Google keep ,well there is Evernote to take care of that.Evernote is an app which lets you take notes.Simple and effective you can take notes in any form write it,draw it Speak it with google’s text to speech software,set reminders,name it and Evernote can do it.With a very basic and helpful user interphase Evernote is a must have.


SnapSeed:- Snapseed is an app for all those people who like to add a bunch of filters on their pictures.It is a Photo editing software it gives a bunch of filters to choose from which you can apply by just swiping on the selected picture and its so easy interphase makes it a must have.


True Caller:- People who use a smartphone these days be it Apple or Android are no strangers to the app named True Caller.As the same suggests it helps find you the true identity of the unknown number you just recived a call from,it also gives the option to block certain number of callers and helps you create your own profile so that it is easier for others to find your contact number.It is free on both Ios and Android operating systems.


AppLock:- As the name says it is an app that helps you lock other apps or files with a pin or pattern lock so that no other person can view it.It is a must have application if you want to protect your privacy and not want any other person to see your photos or videos or read your important doccuments.It is also available for free to download.


Share It:- It is the next best thing to replace the use of Bluetooth for sharing files.Share it uses your smartphones  WiFi to connect with other devices having the app in order to share files it is really fast as it takes about just a few seconds to transfer the files,whats great about the app is that it displays the remaining time for the transfer to complete which is really helpful to its users.


Google Crome:- No one having a smartphone is a stranger to google’s Crome browser.It is the best and most used Internet browser through the world.


File Manager:- If you have an android smartphone you nust have a file manager installed in it.As the name goes this app helps  its user to manage his/her files and folders on the device.You can cut,copy,Paste,Rename and delete your installed files through this app.It is also free to download.


My Mail:- Facing a problem with your various e-mail accounts,My Mail is a must have app on your smartphone.It helps you to organise your mail’s in a single place.It uses different colours to identify various accounts which helps a user to organise his work and personal mail’s easily.



So these were the top 10 must have apps in 2016.These apps are in no order of preference and are a result of a few of my favorite apps your list may differ from mine.As these are the apps I use on a daily basis.


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