ONE PLUS 3 T V/S ONE PLUS 3:- Worth The Upgrade?


The company One Plus just announced a new smartphone with the name One Plus 3T.Where T stands for Turbo.The one Plus 3T comes with a more powerful chipset,a new colour and a new Storage varient.One Plus 3 was just launched a couple of months ago and is still a flagship killer so the people who bought the one plus 3 should upgrade to the One Plus 3T model.That is what I am here for you people to help you decide.”To Switch or Not to Switch that is the question”.


What’s New:-

  • The One Plus 3T packs a bigger battery at 3400 MaH which is a bit higher than The One Plus 3’s 3000 MaH batery.
  • The One Plus 3T is launched with a brand new colour Gun metal.
  • The One Plus 3T is equiped with the latest Snapdragon 821
  • The One Plus 3T is available in 128Gb and 64Gb variants.

What’s Old:-

  • The body design of The One Plus 3T is exactly the same as The One Plus 3,one could make out the difference just by the new colour
  • The screen is exactly the same at 5.5 inch 1080p display
  • The Dash charging technology of the One Plus is the same with no improvements.
  • Both the front and back cameras of The One Plus 3T is the same as the previous smartphone.
  • Touch ID is the same.No improvements here.
  • The RAM has not been changed it is the same 6GB.



If you have the one plus 3 you dont need to upgrade to The One Plus 3T as not much has changed.One should wait for the One Plus 4.If you dont have the One plus 3 and are looking to buy a $400-$450 smartphone ,you can buy The One Plus 3T with the slightly bumped up specs you would enjoy the smartphone experience even better.



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