POKEMON SUN & MOON : Game Review



Pokemon Sun & Moon is the latest addition in the 20 year old monster battling franchise,It provides some of the biggest and much awaited changes to the gaming series yet.Although there is not much of a story the core concept of the game of Gotta Catch’em all simple yet effective even 20 years later.




1.A WORLD WORTH EXPLORING:- Arguably the biggest and the most important change in Pokemon sun and moon is its island challenge in its new setting Aloha.Instead of taking the old approach of taking down a series of gyms to obtain gym badges,in Aloha you encounter a variety of battles and non-combat challenges such as scavenger hunts,quizzes etc.The island challenge is a welcome change from the traditional run of the mill gym battles.In order to compete in the island challenge you need to take the captain trails which are indeed a good way to know about the charming captains and also the history of the islands and their guardian pokemon,one for each island.After two trials you are allowed to move to a new region and continue your quest of becoming a champion.

2.REWARDS:-The reward of completing a challenge is a z crystal,an item that allows the Pokemon holding it to attack with an extra strong Ultimate move once a battle.Z-Moves are Aloha’s take on Mega Evolution.During the initial challenges you may not require to use the Z-Move but further in the game its a winning move.

3.VICTORY ROAD TO HANA:-The 30+ hours of the story of Sun & Moon adventure also contributes to vibrant world building.Its pokemon first game that lets you enjoy the journey instead of just battling and becoming the best.

4.NEW ENEMY:-From team Rocket to Team Magma and Team Galatic,every new game needed a new enemy challenge and Pokemon Sun & Moon does not disappoint,With the constant bugging of Team Skul the enemy in this game the challenges are more fun.Team skull has its own agenda of using Pokemon Sun & Moons Legendaries for their own gains.As a player you constantly encounter them and engage in battles.

5.NEW POKEMON :-With every new Pokemon game comes new pokemon to play with.Sun & Moon bring along with it 71 new types of pokemon to catch and train.In the beginning of the journey you need to choose your starter pokemon from a fire,water and grass type namely Litten for Fire,Rowlet for grass and Popplio for water respectively.Some of the old fan favrouts like Raichu,velpix,Sanstrew etc get new Aloha forms.




After 20 years of slow and steady improvement,Pokemon gets a little makeover with Sun & Moon,the journey of Aloha region is exciting and full of adventure.Overall the game is a must play for kids and Poke-Fans.


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