TECH HACKS:-Tips To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone



Every Android user faces this problem at least once after some time his/her smartphone slows down and they fail to understand why it happens.This type of problem is more common with Samsung,Lenovo,micromax users.After an year of usage their smartphone performance starts to decline,smartphones take more and more time to complete regular day-yo-day tasks and some like Samsung devices start to hang midway the task.Android smartphones are coming with new operating softwares and the latest hardware but the problem of slow processing remains the same.How do we solve this problem ?

In this post I’ll give few tips and tricks to boost your smartphone performance even after a year of usage.



1.Update Regularly:-Make sure your smartphone is updated at all times new updates not only bring stability but also better performance.As a Smartphone gets updated its new software is comparatively more capable to use the devices hardware to bring optimum performance to your smartphone so stay updated at all times.


2.Developer Options:- One more option to temporarily boost your smartphone performance is to choose custom modes in the developer options in the settings bar.The developer option comes with 2-3 pre set modes to tweak the smartphones performance ie,Turbo mode,performance mode,Normal mode etc.


3.Clean Your Cashe Memory:- Many Smartphone users overlook it and don’t clean the cashe memory of their smartphone.Cleaning the cashe memory weekly not only provides with additional storage on your device but also deletes the trash files that are no longer required.This Trick is similar to taking out the trash of your house to keep your house clean.


4.Use a 3rd Party Launcher:-Number 3 on our list is to use a 3rd party launcher instead of the given launcher for your smartphone.They tend to be more customizable and are more user friendly.Our pick is Nova launcher its free and a very lite custom Launcher and does not require root.


5.Uninstall Old Apps:- Apps constantly run in the background of your smartphone.Uninstalling un-used apps not only frees your devices memory bus also makes it faster.

6.SD Card:-Now heres a tricky one,you need to make sure that the SD card you install in your smartphone is at par with the upload and download speed of the device’s internal memory.Smartphones with fast inbuilt storage tend to loose their speed if you install a poor SD card in it.To check your SD cards speed you can download the app A-1SD.

7.Keep Free space:-So this one may sound quite obvious but lot of smartphone users ignore it,to make sure your smartphone runs smoothly at all times you need to keep atleast 20% of your device memory free.

8.Disable Auto-Sync:-Next up you need to disable auto sync on your smatphone.Manny apps run constantly in the background regardless of their use.By disabeling Auto-Sync the apps will ony use your cpu when you access the app.

9.Delete widgets:-Widgeds take a lot of memory of your smartphone so deleting them makes your smartphone perform faster.

10.Factory Reset:-Last but not the least if all else fails you can force reset your smartphone ,this would delete all the junk files on your smartphone and you can start frest.Afterfactory reset your smartphone is as good as new.



So these were some of the tips and tricks to speed up your smartphone,hope you people found the information useful.


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