TOP 5 Disappointing Smartphones of 2016


2016 is coming to an end and in this year the tech industry has achieved new heights.Some smartphones were loved by fans and some were hated,so lets rewind  2016 and see what were some of the worst Smartphones this year.

So heres a list of Smartphones that their users wished were never launched:-

  1. SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7:- While discussing the worst smparphones of 2016 every one knew the top contender of disappointment would be the Note 7 or as the world calls it now as the Smartphone with a Blasting Personality.While the Note 7 seemed quiet a good phone at first the smartphone just blew its way to death.Samsung had to recall all of them.Samsung’s nightmare didnt end there the replaced Note 7’s also started blowing up soon after so  Samsung had to stop production and recall each and every Note 7 and bear huge losses.note7rumor.jpg

2. SONY XPERIA X:- Sony decided to get rid of its well respected z line of smartphones this year.Starting with the new X Series of smartphones.The Xperia X comes with a Snapdragon 650 SoC and a 23MP camera it was highly overpriced at Rs50,000 which lead to its demise.Samsungs S7 edge and iphone 7 were a yaw better choice than the Xperia X if one wanted a flagship and was paying such a high price for it.



3. LG G5:- When LG announced its flagship at mobile world congress now body thought that the smartphone would be such a failure.LG G5 tried the modular smartphone approach but failed miserably due to poor execution of changing the mods which required the users to turn off the device in order to switch which was a huge disappointment.




4. XIAOMI Mi 5:- Xiaomi made its fans wait a whole two years for the Mi5.On revealing the Mi5 Xiaomi thought it was the best smartphone ever but its Indian customers thought otherwise and Xiaomis flagship faced a huge thumbs down by the tech community.It was also overshadowed by One Plus3  and many more.



5. ASUS ZENFONE 3 SERIES:- Seeing the huge success of Asus Zenphone 2 ,Asus thought that the Zenphone 3 would do the same.Priced at around Rs 25000 it fail to deliver when compared to other devices in the same price segment.Though it packs a decent battery life and a good camera its the performance of the Zenphone 3 that doesnt even stand a chance.The other smartphones launched by Asus in the same name also turned to be a huge disappointment as all of them were ridiculously overpriced.



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