8 Cool & Useful YouTube Tips&Tricks



In this tech savvy world how many of us can say that they are not hooked up to their smartphones and other multimedia devices.When it comes to watching videos YouTube is our one stop destination.In this post I would be telling you 8 YouTube Tips& Tricks that will enhance your YouTube watching experience.



1.DOG MEME:- Tired of seeing the same YouTube screen again and again,this YouTube Trick would let you add colours to your YouTube screen.Just write DOG MEME in the YouTube search bar and hit search ,Wolla now you can have a very different and colourful YouTube home page.


2.Volume Fix:- Want to Fix those youtube videos with very low sound even when you max out the volume in the YouTube player.Well here is YouTube Trick no.2  all you have to do is copy the videos url, open VLC player press Ctrl+N to open new screen and paste the link there, this would make the video run on VLC player and now you can max out the volume upto 200% using VLC player.


3.Get Rid Of Those Ads:- Press Ctrl+Shift+J (For Crome) and Ctrl+Shift+K (For Firefox)to open the developer option and paste this link


and press enter now no more ads.


4.Loop:- Want Youtube to Play your favorite song in a loop? In the address bar type “listenonrepeat”in place of YouTube and hit enter.Your video will open in a new website that will play your video in a loop.


5.Download Mp3:- Love a song and want a Mp3 version of it follow YouTube Tip no.5 and you will be able to do that .Open listentoyoutube.com and pate the video url there to download the Mp3 version of the Video.



6.Make YouTube look like its drunk type “Use The Force Luke” in the YouTube Search bar and watch Youtube get drunk.


7.Type “do the harlem shake” in the YouTube search bar and watch YouTube busting a groove.


8.Watch Videos in 360 Degree:- You can now watch selected Videos in 360 Degree on YouTube,Looks like the Future is here already.


Do share the article and also follow my YouTube channel TechToyzz :- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkkg0knT443ptWpIxhmv0_w


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