Android 7.0:-One plus 3&T3

Android 7.0+Oxigen OS 4.0 Software update adds Software Tweeks along with some  new visiual’s and Nougat Features on The One Plus 3&3T:-

One Plus just released its latest OTA update for its One Plus 3&3T users,which brought the Smartphone to its latest Android 7.0 Nougat So whats new ? Does the update brings just bugs fixes or something more with it.Here are some of the new features of Android 7.0 Nougat that caught our attention.



The First and The Most Obvious Changes:-

1.Android 7.0 Nougat brings with it a completely redesigned Notification area,together with revamped notifications and instant reply from the notification bar,Split screen

2.Multiwindow aong with new Android 7.0

3.shortcuts of the quick settings with oxygen OS 4.0.The Quick settings area gets new blue  accent colours.

4.The recent app sections have also changed with now giving even bigger app cards in the recent’s menu

5.The Settings app is also re designed which brings Android 7.0 Nugat’s Slider to the navigation area allowing you to jump between different settings options with a single swipe

6. Nougat also brings with it build in display (DPI) scaling making it easier to see more on the screen at a time There are 5 different scaling methods to choose from Extra Large,Large,Medium,Small And Extra Small.

7.Oxigen OS 4.0 brings changes to the launcher aswell the home screen is packed with new features and tweeks the Google bar has gone away which gives more space for additional widgets.

8.The App drawer has also changed the icons have got a bit smaller and because of that you can fit more apps in a single screen.

9.Due to the update the overall performance and battery life has also improved a bit.

10.With the update the shelf of the One Plus has also changed a bid(Design changes only) it has become a partially transparent shelf and looks much cooler.



The Android 7.0 Nougat update foe the One Plus 3 &3T which was around 1GB,adds much needed features and shortcuts to the One Plus Lineup The New shortcuts need some getting used to.Other than that Android 7.0 is as smooth as ever.


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