Android 7.0 Nougat Tips And Tricks



With the end of 2016,Android has been slowly roling out its new update The Nougat update or more commonly known as Android 7.0.More or less the new update looks similar to its previous generations in the terms of looks.But underneath its a very diffrent and surprisingly much improved version of Android.

So here are some of the newest tips and tricks you can perform with android 7.0



1. Data Saver:-

Android 7.0 brings with it a much needed feature with it known as the Data Saver Mode,not very outstanding but it helps the user to take a bit of control over the devices battery and data usge while in stanby.Data Server mode helps you choose which app has data access while the screen is off.its incredibaly helpful in saving battery and data safe from apps like Facebook etc that constantly run in the background.

To activate data saver mode go to Settings>data usge>Data Saver click and choose the apps you want to restrict using data when the screen is off.

2.Tweeking The Display:-

With the help of Android Nougat you can finally fiddle with how much info you want to be displayed on your screen.

For this go to Settings>Display>Display Size from there you can alter the scale of the whole OS ,it helps you cahnge Icon Size,font Size etc..

3.Notification Priority:-

Yo can slent certain kind of notification,well some notification’s are important some are not,Android 7.0 helps you silent some of those notifications and the apps they come from.This comes in handy when you dont want to be reminded of birthdays of all those casual friends of yours etc,well Android Nougat helps you acomplish that.

4.Gmail Notification:-

With Android 7.0 came the ability to expand notifications,they sure are a bit complicated but once you get the hand of it,it would save a lot of your time.

To the right side of your G-mail notification’syou will find a tiny arrow,clicking on that icon would show you all the rcent e-mails that are would save you the time of every time jumping into the mail app to just check e-mails.

5.Instant Reply:-

The most useful feature of Android 7.0 is the ability to instantly reply to your messages directly from your notification screen.

For this select the notification message and then tap reply on doing so a small text box will appear allowing you to tap in it and text a reply.Having you not to open the messanger app at all.


6.Double Tap to Switch Apps:-

Android Nougat’s Split Screen and multi window is the new softwares most best feature,you may also find using this feature a lot more.

For this quickly tap on the square soft key on your smartphone the recent apps key,ya that one on the down right.Now quickly tap it twice and wolla you see how easily you can switch between tow recent apps on your device.

7.Customise your Drop Down Menu:-

With the new Android OS comes new features in the toggle menu aswell,to give you a bit more control over your smartphone.

Drag your notification screen down and access the toggle shortcut menu,here you can also see an edit option for you to choose from a list of toggle apps .you can customise the location of each and every toggle according to your liking.

8.Checking battery From Home Screen:-

You can now look at the battery drain graph just by taping the battery icon on the drop down menu.Not only it tells you the battery percentage but also it can show an estimation of how long the battery will last.This feature comes in handy when you use Data Saver mode along with it to get the best of your device.


Multiwindow is one of the tio features of Android Nougat ,it helps you run tow apps side by side on the screen.

For this long press the square soft key,this will divide the screen in two the second part will show you all the recent apps tochoose from to complete the split screen.Not all but some apps are compatable with multi window.


With Android 7.0 Crome gets its own version of multiwindow.Rather that clicking and selecting the new window option in crome now you can simply.Just by long pressing the square button while in crome,it opens up the multitasking window then tap the three pipe setting button in the crome app you will see an option “Move to other window” tap it and you are good to go.

11.You Can make Apps Talk to Each Other in MultiWindow:-

The exciting side of Small Screen multi tasking right now onlya few apps can use this feature for eg coping and pasting a certain text without actually giving the command.As of now only Gmail,Google Keep,crome can use this feature but many apps are sure to follow.

12.New Emojis:-

Google has added a whole bunch of new emojis in Android 7.0,quight a few of them are already existing emojis but now in diffrent colour,Google has also redesigned the people Emojis to make the look a little more realistic,Some new emojis include:Salamander,Some French Bread,Kiwi Fruit,peanuts etc..


13.Day Dream:-

One of themost awaited features is here in Android Nougat is Day Dream Google’s VR platform.It will work with Google Cardboard and other cheap VR headSets to help its users experience VR by not paying a lot of money for it.


So These were some of the top new Tips,Tricks and new Features of Android Nougat 7.0..Do share this article and follow Tech Toyzz on other social media Platforms:



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