Nokia 3310:-The Legend Returns


Nokia used to be the world biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world before Apple launched its i-phone series and Google came up with Android.Each and every person in the world had a Nokia.But as soon as the smartphone era began Nokia sort of lost its edge and so began its downfall.So much that in 2014 Nokia had to sell its Device and service division to Microsoft.In 2016 finnish company HMD Global bought a part of Microsoft’s feature phone business that allowed it to manufacture smartphones under the Nokia name.

Fast forward February 2017 Nokia the company we all have a special place in our heart launched or rather relaunched the iconic 3310 candy bar phone in MWC 2017 (Mobile World Congress).An event where all the tech companies from Samsung Apple,Sony,Tesla etc feature there latest and the greatest of the year every year in the month of february.

In this post we will be talking about the new and improved Nokia’s priced possession the Nokia 3310,the latest specs and how much has it improved over the previous model that came almost a decade ago.


Nokia 3310:-At a Glance

  • The phone packs 16mb of internal storage that can be expanded upto 32GB with an SD card .
  • As far as the camera goes Nokia 3310 packs a basic 2MP camera on its rear
  • Nokia 3310 comes with a 2.40 Inch coloured display with a resolution of 240X320 Pixels.
  • The feature phone packs a 1200MaH removable battery which according to nokia can gibe up to 24Hrs of talk time and can last a month on standby.
  • It comes in Warm Red,Glossy blue,yellow and grey colours.
  • Nokia 3310(2017) runs on series 30 software of Nokia.
  • When it comes to connectivity Nokia 3310 (2017) comes in dual sim varient has bluetooth 3.0,FM Radio,3.5mm Headphone jack,sadly no wifi and 3G optopns are not awailable.


Diffrence Between the Old and the New:-

  • The biggest difference is that the screen of the 2017 model is coloured
  • Nokia 3310(2017) is slimmer than its predecessor
  • Has micro SD card support
  • Has FM and Bluetooth 3.0
  • Comes in more er
  • Has a bigger battery
  • is slightly bigger
  • Has a basic 2Mp camera.


Priced at around $50 the Nokia 3310 (2017) edition is best reboot feature phone by nokia maintaining its old nostalgia the 2017 version packs a few much needed upgrades to be in 2017.Nokia 3310 can’t be some ones primary phone in 2017 but a secondary phone for emergencys.Still the Nokia Fan boys `are still going to buy it just to refresh heir memories and as a Nokia Memento.


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