Salman Khan’s Smartphone:-Being Smart



Indian celebrity and “Being Human” clothing brand owner Salman Khan registers “Being Smart”mobile phone brand and will be coming up with his own Smartphone “The Bhai Phone” For mid ranger market.

The smartphones are being made to compete against chinese companies like Xiomi,oppo,etc. For this project Salman has approached many investors and is also bulding a working operational management team which is supposed to be head by someone with executive leadership experience from either Samsung or micromax.The person shortlisted is Mr.Taneja from the smartphone company Micromax where he headed the mobile division till the last year.Many tech enthusiast have also blamed Mr.Taneja for the downfall of Micromax in smartphone segment.


However all the details of the company are not out yet and wheather “Being Smart”would launch a single smartphone or a bunch of them is also not clear.According to recent reports the proceedings of the new venture,would be the same as other ventures of Salman,directed to charity and social work which is carried out by Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation.

At present the Indian Mobile Market is the Third largest in the world and new smartphone companies are trying to enter India to increase their sales and profit.However the market is tough and is held strong by big brands like Samsung,Apple,Vivo,Oppo etc in the offline and online markets while brands like Moto.Xiaomi,One Plus in only in the online market.

Till Date the price and specifications of the smartphone is unknown.But if Salman Khan manages to pull this off with big investors on board which does not look like much for our very own Bhai Jaan.It would be really intresting to see how this “bhai Phone”feaver goes just like his movies or diffrent.And the biggest question of them all will these phones run on Android os or “Bhai OS”.



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