How To Get More Likes & Followers On Instagram:-Tips& Tricks



How To Get More Instagram Followers Tips And Tricks
Hey whats going on people in this Post I will be showing you 5 instagram tips and tricks that would help you gain more followers,likes and comments on your instagram images.
Every one in this world loves to share their life on social media but often images that people share on their instagram page does not get that much attenttion.So follow these five steps and from your next photo on instagram it will be raining followers on you.

Tips & Tricks:-

Tip No 1:- Use Hashtags(#) in your photos. Instagram gives you a limit of 30 hashtags per image so use it completely for this just google the image you want hashtags’s for and from there copy and paste it on your image description on instagarm

Tip N0 2:-Focus more on quality than on quantity, post images that are crisp colourful and high in quality.As high quality images get more noticed on instagram.

download (3)

Tip No 3:- Be more consistent, consistency is the key to be successful in any social media platform.Post regulary. Don’t just post 5-6 photos in a day and nothing else for the complete on alternate days,thrice a week to remain consistant and get the most out of instagram.The best way is to post every alternate day to get more engagement on your Instagram Feeds

download (4)

Tip No 4:- Geo-Tag your images, research has shown that the images that are geo-taged on instagram gets more likes and followers,so next time you post a picture remember to tag your location (just put a generic location instead of an exact location to avoid problems).As the images that are Geo-tagged  came under one segment of location hence give your images more exposure by other Instagramers.


Tip No 5:- Tag other people in your photos, as you tag different people/accounts on your picture the image you shared is also shown on their page so it results in more people viewing your picture which results in more likes and followers .
So these were 5 Instagram tips and tricks to gain more followers. Hope you liked it and stay tuned for more.


Tip No 6:- Pick a theme,Instagram accounts with a particular theme gets more noticed.For example if a person posts the same kind of images on their account ,people who like that theme would follow you.The most commonly used theme is BLUE as shown by reasearch images that have blue colour in them get more noticed.

Tip No 7:- Follow accounts of famous Instagramers and see how they post their images how they edit and what hashtags they use and implement the same on your account aswell


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