8 Amazing YouTube Hacks #2


Youtube is an indispensable part of our lives,weather you are a YouTuber or someone who just streams YouTube casually.Recently I did a post telling you people some of the most commonly used YouTube Tips and Tricks in which I told you 8 such tricks.So here are make another 8 Amazing Youtube tips and tricks you must know to enhance your youtube watching experience to the fullest.

Here are another 8 Amazing Youtube tips and tricks :-

1. Download YouTube Audio:-

How many times have you hustled between different websites to find that song you love and download it for free.Well after doing these steps you wont face an issue in searching for the right track.

For this simply replace “YouTube” with “ListentoYouTube”in the URL to download the audio.

2. Download YouTube Videos:-

There are times when you love a video so much that you wish to download it and keep it for ever and also share it with others.For this many of us use “Youtube Video downloader”it works just fine but what if I tell you there is another way out.

you simply put “ssyoutube”in place of “youtube”in the URL and download the video directly in your desired quality.

3.Age Restriction:-

Want to get a bit naughty and bypass the age restriction policy of Youtube.You just simply need to replace”YouTube” with “nsfyoutube”and bypass the age limit.

4. Block YouTube Ads:-

Ads are irritating arent they,well there is a way to block ads on youtube without paying any money and without using YouTube Red.For this when you type “youtube”in the search URL instead of that type “YouTubeskip”and you are good to go.


Want to play your favroute video in a loop well its simple just replace “YouTube”with “listenonrepeat”and enjoy your video continously.

6.Defeat Country Restrictions:-

Sometimes you come across videos that have a country restriction seal on it.There is still a way to watch those videos.

For this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxx

copy the xxx string and paste it again so that it reads like

then the video will be played.

7.To line up all the videos together:-

If you like watching videos from a specific channel this tip is perfect for you.

Add”&list-UL” to any video and it will spawn all the related videos by the same channel in a playlist format.

8.Turb Video Into GIF:-

Make a GIF out of your favorite youtube videos and share them with your friends for this replace “YouTube” with “Gifyoutube”and select the area you want to make a gif of and then save it.


So these were 8 more youtube tips &Tricks to emhance your youtube experience.